Reconstruction 360 is an interactive documentary interpreting the Reconstruction period of American history. It features 360° video vignettes, embedded videos, short contemporary documentaries and K-12 resources.

Each of the six modules of Reconstruction 360 is based on an aspect of Reconstruction history, with an emphasis on the agency of freedpeople during the era. The 360° scenes utilize composite characters developed from primary documents and historical research.

Observe a scene in all directions with pointing devices such as touchpads, touchscreens, or a computer mouse.

Open embedded videos by clicking on hotspots as they appear in the 360° scene.

Access K-12 resources, links to images and primary documents, and contextual information through the top menu. Video content embedded in the 360° video can also be accessed through the Explore drop-down menu.

If you have questions or comments, please contact [email protected].