Executive in Charge:
Anthony Padgett, President, SCETV

Executive Producer:
Tabitha Safdi

Project Director:
Betsy Newman

Multimedia Producer/Director:
Patrick Hayes

Associate Producers:
Xavier Blake
Titus Davis

Web Design and Production: 37 Gears
Levi Gable
Jessica Garrett
Christina Goodman
Tom Lacas

Xavier Blake
Titus Davis
Patrick Hayes

360 Camera Operator:
Patrick Hayes

Patrick Hayes
Betsy Newman

Costume Designer:
Jean Lomasto

Scenic Designer:
Paul R. Moore

Amy Brower

Freedman – Nagi Sammy Njugna
Jailer – Fleming Moore
Landowner – Merritt Vann
Freedmen’s Bureau Agent – G. Scott Wild
Freedwoman – Kalema Shaw

William Paul Brown
Katrina Garvin

Lesson Plans and Curriculum Resources:
Lewis Huffman
Lisa Ray

Production Coordinators:
Jaime Areheart

Project Scholars:
Robert Bland
Beverly G. Bond
Duncan Buell
Robert Cassanello
Heidi Rae Cooley
Gregory Downs
Kate Masur
J. Brent Morris
Deirdre Cooper Owens
Althea Sumpter
Amir Jamal Touré, JD.

Special Thanks:
ETV Endowment of South Carolina
Jimmy Guthrie
TDF Costume Collection Rental Program
The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition
Amy Shumaker

Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities